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I'm Zoë Trautmann.

(She/They) Freelance Costume Designer. She loves exploring the human condition and storytelling through costume. Immersive and transportive works are what she is most passionate about. 

 Her work is detail oriented, character driven and she has a special interest in subverting gendered expectations and giving female and gender queer characters more agency through costume, especially in period pieces.


Her perspective as a queer, autistic woman gives her work a unique aesthetic that strives to speak truth to something intangibly familiar to anyone who's ever felt different.

She holds an MFA in Theatre Design (concentration in costume design) from UC San Diego, a B.A. in Theatre Design/Tech (concentration in costume design) from the University of North Texas and an A.A.S in Business Management. A member of USITT. Skilled in costume design, construction and wardrobe and makeup design for the stage.

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